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Just dip a warm, crusty piece of bread in it, and YOU be the judge.

The infusion of fresh, Italian white truffles in high quality, Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a richly, delicate taste and a garlicky aroma. Truffles are also eaten raw, shaved very thinly over risottos, pastas, egg dishes and fondues. This fine, earthy delicacy of White Truffle Olive Oil can be used in those same dishes.

All natural, no artificial colors or preservatives. Cholesterol, sodium, sugar and gluten free
Storage and Shelf Life: No need to refrigerate as they are best used at room temperature. Store them on your counter, or in your cupboard or pantry away from heat and sunlight. Our olive oils will last approximately 2 years after opening. Already aged in oak barrels in Italy, the balsamic vinegars will last many years.

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