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B is for Baked Beans

"Remember a few years back when seasoning and baking garbanzo's was a 'thing'? Well, I've updated my bean, decided to use one I prefer, and it is not only tasty and healthy, but can be used for more than just snacking. I saw this idea on a food site. While I did modify the recipe quite a bit and used a balsamic, which was not in the recipe, I think that addition added to some issues. Let me explain. I rinsed well, 2 cans of cannellini beans. I poured them onto a clean towel and 'dried' them. They have to be very dry, even if you let them air dry a few hours. Then I poured GO-On Tap rosemary oo and GO-On Tap lemon balsamic into a bowl and seasoned (liberally) with granulated garlic, freshly cracked black pepper, Himalayan salt and a dash of red pepper flakes. Then gently stirred in the rinsed and dried beans. I had to make this recipe twice because I think the balsamic browned/kind of burned the beans too quickly and the oven temp was too high. So, after 1 not great batch, I started over. Lighter pour of balsamic and I set my oven at 350, not 425. Yes, it took longer to get the crunchy, crispy finish I wanted, but it was well worth the low and slow concept. Once out of the oven, I added sunflower seeds and munched away. These are herby, kicky, crunchy outside with a little creamy inside bites. Eat as is or add to a salad, top a vegetable or garnish your soup. Yum. Honor your appetite. Play with your food".