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Broccoli Melts

“Happy New Year- Happy New Year GO friends. I hope you are all safe and healthy and ready for a better 2022.
I’ve decided that avocado toast is ‘then’ and broccoli melts are now. This is a super versatile, any time-of-day item. I made these for appetizers for our little family of 4 for late afternoon New Year’s Eve eating.
If this is something you were to make for party bites, or brunch with guests, I recommend placing a bowl of dental floss packs or dental floss single flossers next to these (joking, not joking). I used frozen, chopped broccoli, but fresh would be great. I sauteed this in Go-On Tap garlic mushroom oo (although you could use the Italian White Truffle, Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, or even the rosemary). I added 3 cloves chopped garlic, a dash red pepper flake and a pinch of salt. While that was on the stove, I brushed rosemary sourdough with GO Meyer Lemon oo and topped with shredded romano/pecorino cheese. I spooned some broccoli mix onto the bread, topped with a squeeze of lemon and some Jarlsberg cheese. (you can use provolone, swiss, mozz…) Then this went into the oven at 420 for about 10 minutes. Once the cheese was melty and bread a little crusty, I pulled out and set aside. You could add an egg on top of this, you could put prosciutto under the broc mix – heck, you could add chopped mushrooms to the broc mix before sauteeing. Use smaller slices of bread for an appetizer. As you’ve learned this year, there is joy in the journey. Eat well. I bid you all a brighter, fresher, healthier New Year.”