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Should have been Primavera!

"It’s time for Farmers Markets! The glorious produce, fruit and great products brought to you by hardworking, caring people are now available for your delight. I made a delicious pasta this week, but it should have been a primavera. Primavera, meaning I should have added fresh produce. Asparagus, wilted spinach, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini …..whatever you can find at your market. Produce will change during these Summer months – so keep supporting your local vendors and keep tasting the fruits and veggies of their labor. My pasta had an oil, versus cream, sauce. I used GO On Tap Meyer Lemon oo (but garlic mushroom, basil, rosemary or even Persian Lime would be great). I tossed my pasta in warmed oo, then squeezed fresh lemon juice over, some lemon zest, freshly grated parm cheese and cracked pepper. A side salad and garlic bread finished this light lunch off perfectly. Imagine the Persian lime with toasted pistachio’s and fresh peas – garlic mushroom with toasted pecans, asparagus and shitake mushrooms. With GO-On Tap, your choices are always endless and delicious. There’s joy in the journey. Eat well.”

Pasta Primavera