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Ricotta Lemon Ravioli

“ What music group is the best to listen to in the kitchen”?
- The Spice Girls!
"Last week I suggested you use GO-On Tap products no matter the dish or meal you make. Just use it. This week is another easy use for their olive oils and balsamic. I made ricotta lemon ravioli. I made a great sauce of butter, a little ½ and ½, GO-On Tap Meyer Lemon oo, GO-On Tap Lemon white balsamic and ricotta cheese. Because it’s easy and saves washing another dish, put these ingredients together in the pot you cooked pasta in. Then, add back the drained pasta, add peas (or pancetta or chopped red peppers), stir this together in the sauce and call it done. This blend of melty ricotta, bright and tangy lemon and the richness of butter and some cream is perfect for the lemon pasta. I cracked a little fresh black pepper over this just before serving. So easy, so tasty. With GO-On Tap, you can add their bottles of delicious product at every meal. There’s joy in the journey. Eat Well."