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GO Where You Want

"Hello GO Fans! It is spring, allergies are fierce, there is nothing like the color of Carolina Blue sky and anything made with GO-On Tap products should be in your daily eating. Yes, eggs in GO oo. Grilled cheese using GO oo, not butter. Yes, GO balsamic and oo for dressing on your favorite salad. Yes, marinate your proteins in GO oo and balsamic. However, GO products are perfect for your sweet tooth too. You’ve seen me prove this – add to ice cream shakes (remember my ‘almond joy bar’ shakes with coconut balsamic, chocolate balsamic and ice cream)? Remember lemonade, ice, lemon balsamic and basil oo ‘shakes’? Here’s the point…..GO products are perfect for everything – sweet or savory. Now, you don’t have to aspire to make these 7 layer Italian bars that my daughter made, although, they are phenomenal. Just use product EVERY time you are in the kitchen. For these 7 layer bars, we added GO raspberry balsamic to the seedless raspberry jam that was spread between cakey/almond layers. You? Add your favorite balsamic to your favorite box of brownie mix. GOOGLE search olive oil cake and fill in your favorite. Remember my Persian Lime oo cookies? Amazing. I recently made my birthday cake – carrot. I used GO blood orange oo and canola oil. Beautiful. Make a glaze for your lemon or chocolate bundt cake. White lemon balsamic for a lemon pound or bundt cake. Make a choc bundt? Add in ANY GO balsamic. Make a glaze (ganache) using pecan, chocolate, cran orange, raspberry, Bordeaux Cherry, or ANY balsamic into the choc/cream ganache. Drizzle over your bundt. Or, pour ½ bundt dough into pan, drizzle your favorite balsamic over that, add toasted pecans or pistachios and top w/the rest of the cake dough. Yes, it is this easy. You cook? You bake? GO-On Tap is your friend everywhere. Treat your tastebuds.”