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Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers

"GO friends, I am in appetizer mode. Again, this one is easy, savory and has loads of options. I used a Rosemary Olive Oil Cracker recipe I found in the December Food Network Magazine. Find any olive oil cracker recipe you like. While this recipe calls for fresh, chopped rosemary, I don’t have any. I have powdered rosemary and GO-On Tap rosemary oo. Kill two birds with one stone….use the rosemary oo. I added black sesame seeds, a bit parmesan cheese (grated), and freshly cracked black pepper to the dough. Raw, the dough smelled very strongly of rosemary. Baked, not so much. However, I was a bit nervous the taste may be overwhelming, so before I baked these crackers, I brushed GO-On Tap Blood Orange oo over the top. Now, a few thoughts…..I thought I rolled the dough thin enough, but the crackers poofed up a little. It’s fine. To be holiday festive, I used a small tree ornament and a star ornament for the cracker shape. If you can make these thinner, serving them plain would be fine. I wasn’t thrilled with mine, so I decided to serve with a little orange marmalade. Twists: Use any of your favorite GO-On Tap oo’s. Make your own combo. Add finely chopped nuts, your favorite herb or spice to the dough or dried fruit. Use a chutney, a cream-cheesy spread, or cheese ball, or fig compote as an option to spread on the cracker. Or, float one on top of your favorite soup. No matter what you use, it will be just right. Now, make a batch for yourself, pour a drink or spot of tea. Invite a neighbor to enjoy these with you while you Sit. Eat. Enjoy. Blessed Holidays to you all. – Jennifer”

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