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Spicy Eggs On Avocado Toast

“Why are eggs so funny?- They are good at telling yolks!!!
It’s Sunday morning and I don’t want pancakes or waffles. I love eggs benedict but not the process. So, what now? Scrambled eggs on avocado toast. Looking at my GO-On Tap oo’s, inspiration hits. Spicy eggs! So, I pour both the Roasted Chili oo and the Persian Lime oo into my pan to heat. When ready, I add 2 beaten eggs, salt and black pepper and loosely scrambled my eggs. I added cheddar cheese to finish. When done, I added to my toast with sliced avocado (that I’d also drizzled GO-On Tap Persian Lime oo and Roasted Chili oo over) and fresh pico de gallo. Feel free to add cilantro or scallions if you wish. This was just spicy warm enough, limey bright enough and crunchy, creamy good with every component present. Easy. Fast. Filling. Delicious. With GO-On Tap options, make your eggs yours. There’s joy in the journey. Eat well."
Spicy Egg On Avocado Toast