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Toasty Tropical Macadamia’s

"GO friends, Happy May. I hope you are all enjoying bits of weather that are better than worse.
Seeing a post of Diane’s made me want to make roasted nuts too. So, here’s what I did today. I had whole unsalted macadamias and tossed them in GO-On Tap coconut white balsamic and mango white balsamic. I toasted these until they were almost brown, then sprinkled raw sugar (Turbinado) and some Maldon salt over top. I put these back in the oven for a few minutes. I did stir the nuts every now and again to prevent the sugar and balsamic from burning. Once they were toasted, I poured them onto parchment to ‘dry’. These do have a little ‘tacky’ feel to them and the chew is soft, not a solid crunch. The flavor of the coconut and mango is just what the macadamia wants. Macadamia nuts roasted in a combo of blood orange oo and the Persian lime oo would also be very tasty. You can grind these nuts with panko and coat chicken or shrimp or use as a sprinkle over grilled salmon. If you chop these rough and sprinkle over ice cream, that would be a hit too. One last thought, make a pineapple, cilantro, red onion, Calabrian chili, avocado salsa and top with these nuts. Your palate, your fun.”