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I Scream, You Scream

"You know the saying….it’s ice cream. You also know how using GO-On Tap products in a simple way can make simply tasty delights. I don’t eat ice cream much but have found that I do enjoy it with drizzles of balsamic vinegar. Think of the endless options of ice cream flavors and GO-On Tap balsamic you can mix and match. Today I kept it basic. Vanilla bean ice cream, toasted macadamia nuts and drizzles of Bordeaux Cherry balsamic. Chocolate ice cream with any balsamic is nice. Think coconut and raspberry on the chocolate ice cream with chopped pecans. Lemon sorbet with blueberry balsamic. Lemon or raspberry sorbet with white peach or white lemon balsamic and add toasted coconut. Ice cream alone is fine, but a balsamic can elevate it to a tangy, other palate sensory pleasing treat. With Grapes and Olives On Tap, simple additions can change everything. Hungry? Need to make a grocery store run? Good. Then….. Sit. Eat. Enjoy.”