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GO Grill – Again

"Happy Summer GO Fans and Friends! I hope you are taking advantage of local produce and products from your local markets. I hope you are spending time outdoors grilling and enjoying ‘being outdoors’ for the sake of itself. I hope you continue to make your favorite foods and stretch your thinking/culinary skills making new dishes. This is an easy side dish and delicious, but the not usual flavor profile. I cubed a fresh pineapple. I soaked my wood skewers. Then I brushed my pineapple with GO-On Tap roasted chili olive oil. Simple. Nice warm heat flavor to balance the sweetness of the pineapple with the slight smokiness of the grill made for a delicious side to dinner. You can use your favorite GO oo or even brush with your favorite GO balsamic and this will be perfect. Eating as a side to a meal, top your ice cream or yogurt with this, top your roasted marshmallow and graham crackers for a twisted s’more concept…..make this your own. You know what I say……there’s joy in the journey. Eat well!”

Grilled Pineapple