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Bacon Ribbons

"I stopped eating pork when I was 7 years old. No bologna, no sausage, no chops, no bacon. Done. While I've never missed eating it, I do like the smell of bacon. Now I make turkey bacon-like strips on occasion, like today. Here's the fun twist. I brushed GO-On Tap rosemary oo and GO-On Tap pomegranate balsamic, a hint of Himalayan salt and pure maple syrup over slices of turkey bacon. I then threaded each slice onto a wooden skewer, like a ribbon. Bake these in the oven and voila! Perfect for a fun plate of appetizers, brunch, pull off skewer and add to a burger or sandwich or snack. Crumble and top your bowl of ice cream. Sweet, tangy bacon ribbons that taste as good as they look. You could mix peanut butter and GO chili oil. Once baked, top with finely chopped scallion tops (or a drizzle of GO scallion oo). Black pepper, brown sugar and GO raspberry balsamic would be fine too. Or, try GO roasted chili oo and a combo of GO strawberry and chocolate balsamic. Sweet heat. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy.”