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Molten Lava Chocolate Cake

"Where does chocolate like to hang out on a Friday night? – In a bar!
Remember the cherries from last week? Well, I had some left and decided to make another dessert. I hate to admit that I’ve never made a molten lava chocolate cake. What was I afraid of? It’s so easy. This week I made the batter and added GO-On Tap Bordeaux Cherry balsamic. Once baked and turned out, I added cherries and powdered sugar. Cutting into the chocolate cake, the oozing chocolate river was just rich and creamy. I did drizzle more GO-On Tap balsamic over the top and like a tributary, it flowed into the melty chocolate lava. Nothing more to say. Make one and share it. Or don’t. This is a delectable treat, bar none. There’s joy in the journey. Eat well."
Molten lava choclate cake