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OLIVE (I love) This Scrub

"Season's Greetings GO fans! Here's one, almost, final post of the year. I have no story for this, no great words to dispense, just happy, smiling, soft lips to wish you all well with. As it seems this time of year, eating, drinking, socializing and cooler temperatures ask our mouths to pull extra duty. This can wreak dryness to our skin and I do not care for dry lips. Ever. Thankfully, I've made the perfect helper to avoid them, especially on this chilly December day. Chapped, sore, dry, tired lips - no more! I simply took a few tablespoons of brown sugar (you can use a coarser turbinado if you wish, or salt, but sugar is better) and mixed in GO-On Tap Blood Orange oo and a drop of good vanilla flavoring. The sugar/oo blend is wet and sandlike. I rubbed a bit of this onto my lips and let sit a few minutes, then gently rinsed with warm water and voila. Happy, soft, tasty lips. No odd chemicals here, no harsh abrasives, nothing you wouldn't put in your body. I put this in a small, clean cosmetic container and put in the fridge until I use it again tomorrow. Honor your appetite (and body). Play with your food.”