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Easy Exchange

"How many of you are working to change some liquid consumption habits/preferences? Looking to be healthier, drink less sugar, wine, spirits or other drinks? Drink more water? It can be a real challenge to break habits, even the ones we know we should. Personally, I’m working on drinking less wine at night. There, I said it. Yes, I drink a lot of water, but it can get boring. Right? We know that. Blah, blah, add fruit….whatever. Sometimes that doesn’t give me the satisfying, real palate punch I need. So, here’s what’s helping me keep the cork in the bottle. Make or buy sparkling water. I bought a machine for my home that allows me to make my own. Like I did today, I just added carbonation to filtered water. Then, I added GO-On Tap peach white balsamic. Yep, adding balsamic to sparkling water is a game changer.
GO brings us many options. If it is a challenge for you to break a sweet, fizzy, brown-colored drink habit, like on the right, adding blueberry or Bordeaux Cherry or pomegranate balsamic to your water, can fool your brain into visually thinking it’s the sweet drink. I like to put my fizzy water drinks into a glass with a stem, again, it’s the habit of holding a glass like this and not feel like I’m having ‘just water’ that’s helpful. You can do this too. Find your favorite, mix and match, sure, add fruit and breathe. Cheers! Sit. Eat. Enjoy.”