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Hot Slaw

"I like experiments. I like ‘sure things’ too, but food and experimenting is fun. With such great olive oils and balsamics that GO-On Tap brings us, sweet or savory, cooking or baking need never be boring. I am a big fan of the roasted chili oo but don’t always know how to ‘think’ outside the box and use it. Yesterday, I tried it in a tangy/warm vinaigrette and it is a hit. You just need to get in your kitchens, have fun and sometimes, make your own experiments. Here’s what I did. I took a package of store-bought broccoli slaw and added in freshly chopped red and yellow peppers. Then I made a vinaigrette with GO-On Tap roasted chili oo, Meyer lemon oo, white lemon balsamic, a splash of champagne vinegar, a few drops of agave, black pepper and Himalayan salt. I whisked that together and poured over the slaw mix (just to coat, not soak/puddle in). I let that sit for a few hours and just before serving, topped with lightly salted pepitas (but you can use any nut/seed you like). This is lemony and bright as well as bringing a slight kiss of heat. I found the flavor is just warm and a really good blend with the lemon. You already know there’s joy in the journey. So this year, experiment AND go with what you know with GO-On Tap products. Treat your tastebuds."