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Lemon Risotto with Peas and Parm Cheese

"Hello GO Friends. Here we are, on letter L. Almost ½ way through the alphabet. This one is a keeper! Lemon is always a winner and carbs/comfort make a triple threat to a meal. And let’s be honest, sometimes, comfort food has to be ‘it’. Enjoy it. Savor it. This recipe, I’ll tell you came from one I’ve seen on a certain food tv channel by a certain Italian female chef. You can search the recipe. I made modifications because I love more parm cheese. I omit bay leaf and chives. I added peas and of course, plenty and then some more, GO-On Tap meyer lemon oo. You could make this interesting and mix a blend of GO meyer lemon oo and rosemary oo or meyer lemon and blood orange oo. For a double bubble of goodness and some tang to the creamy risotto and parm, add some GO-On Tap white lemon balsamic with the GO meyer lemon oo. Mix up your veggie addition if you wish. Peas, asparagus, crisped Brussels sprout leaves, or diced and roasted sweet potato would make wonderful healthy and delicious additions. Tarragon, basil, thyme....your herbs are your options. While we’re home and working on eating healthy, with GO-On Tap olive oils, It's always healthy. Making a luscious, creamy, lemony carb and veg dish is even better with GO. Top with protein of your choice. Or, go all carb out and eat with your veggie mixed in and a side of warm bread or croissant. Stay safe. Stay well. Honor your appetite. Play with your food."

lemon risotto