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Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash

"Hello Sweeeeet Potato! Growing up I did not like sweet potatoes. Actually, I bet the issue was more that I did not like the way my mom made sweet potatoes. She just didn't play with food. Poor sweet potato got a bad rap because my mom couldn't cook. Now, I love sweet potatoes and all the ways they can be prepared and enjoyed. While this dish has many parts and might seem laborious, it isn't. Take it in steps and this will become a favorite. I caramelized onions in GO-On Tap Spanish Limited oo and when cooked to my liking, I added a splash of GO pomegranate balsamic. I chopped and roasted sweet potatoes in GO roasted chili oo and GO blood orange oo and pinch Himalayan salt. I mixed pico de gallo into cooked black beans, garlic and a drizzle of GO roasted chili oo. Each of those 'units' has other uses which I'll deconstruct next time. For now, build this. Sweet potato hash, top with seasoned black beans and pico, a dollop of caramelized onion and the crowning glory, a fried egg. Add cheese, cilantro, avocado, andouille sausage or other protein. Your choice. Now, honor your appetite. Play with your food. Make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."