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The Next "Avocado" Toast

"I like toast. Hearty bread, golden-hued, soft crunchy toast. If I wake up hungry in the middle of the night, toast is my go-to. That said, this wonderful, easy, delicious toast is going to be the next 'hit' and send avocado toast back to where ever it came from. This morning I made toasty English muffins. I drizzled GO-On Tap Spanish oo over the crisped rounds and topped with soft, melty fresh mozzarella cheese. I then drizzled GO-On Tap raspberry balsamic over that and hit it at the end with sprinkles of black lava salt. Perfect. I also like to make this with soft triangle shaped spreadable cheese, drizzle with any GO oo and top with hard- boiled egg slices and Himalayan or Maldon salt. Not only is this a healthy bite to eat, it is easy and can feel indulgent. The level of 'fancy' or comforting components that put a smile on your face and force you to sit and enjoy your food, is worth the little prep time this takes. Mix and match your breads, cheeses, add thin slices of cucumber or radish, shredded carrots or berries. English muffin, spreadable cheese, some berries and your choice of GO oo and balsamic would be sweet. You could spread goat or ricotta cheese, drizzle GO oo, a tomato slice, sprinkle fresh basil over and top with GO balsamic. Caprese in your hand. Bread is never just bread. Food is never just food. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy.”