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Herb Ice Cubes

“Surprise! Since it’s been so warm this Summer, your fresh herbs may be showing some tiredness. They may be done with the heat, like I am. That said, they are still worthy and have purpose for you all winter long. Don’t let your herbs go ‘to seed’, so pick, pluck, chop and use them now. If you don’t have an ice cube tray (that we had to use before the age of ice makers in our fridges), get one (seriously) or, use a muffin pan and just don’t fill to ‘full’ with my idea for you.
I have taken my basil, as well as rosemary, cilantro and thyme, gently rinsed them, torn, chopped and de-stemmed them. In my ice cube tray, I have placed the herbs – it’s your choice to mix and match or keep the herbs singularly alone – into the ice cube tray and filled the cube space with GO-On Tap oo. Clever right? Mix and match your herbs and oo’s. Persian lime oo with cilantro. Meyer Lemon w/anything. Basil oo with basil. Blood Orange oo with rosemary. Your herbs, your Grapes & Olives On Tap oils, your choices. I place the trays of herbs/oil in the freezer until firm, then put them in (pre-labeled) zipper-neck bags and place them back in the freezer.
Now, when you saute’ veggies (think riced cauliflower or rice w/the lime/cilantro blend), need to make a vinaigrette, oo/herbs for soup or stew, in a pan for scrambled eggs or in your base for shakshuka, need a topping for your vanilla ice cream (nope, not kidding), want to top a grilled steak? Just reach into your freezer for Summer fresh flavor helpers. These gems of flavor will be perfect for whatever you need. Guess what? Keep believing there’s joy in the journey. Eat well.”