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H is for Hash Brown Waffles

"Well, as it happens, some attempts at food work better than others. This was not the most successful, in form, but it was really good in taste. I’m always up for the ‘breakfast for dinner’ concept. Tonight I tried a new idea. While we’re all hunkering close to home or in our homes, I ask you to stretch your culinary ideas. Try what you like. Make something you might not normally have time for during the week. Experiment. Enjoy. I took shredded hash brown potatoes, mixed in cheese, salt, pepper, granulated garlic and placed in my round waffle maker that I brushed with GO-On Tap garlic mushroom oo. When the potato waffle was done, I topped with soft eggs and salsa. Crispy potato, creamy eggs, kicky salsa. What more could one want? I made a second potato waffle with GO-On Tap rosemary oo, scrambled eggs and warm, pure maple syrup. Delicious. I will admit, getting the hash browns out of the waffle maker was a little challenging. I wonder what a mashed potato waffle would be like? Nonetheless, make this your own. Honor your appetite. Play with your food.”

Hash Brown Waffles