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Simply Delicious

"Ciao GO Friends! As owners Diane and Alejandro continue their Italian travels, I decided to make a delicious, simple (but not simple tasting because I used great ingredients) pasta dish that I would like to eat in Italy. I roasted small cherry tomatoes that I drizzled GO-On Tap basil oo over, and a little black pepper. I used a strainer to push the tomato through but not the seeds. I did reserve a few roasted tomatoes to chop and add to sauce for a chunkier texture (but squeezed out the seeds first). Then I blended that with a dash of red pepper flake, a little splash of cream and more basil oo. When the ‘sauce’ was done, I added that to already cooked fettucine. I topped with torn fresh basil, grated grana padana cheese and then….burrata cheese. Oh. The. Cheese. I had a large ball of burrata, so I sliced it into three, to top each portion I served. If you can find smaller burrata, then make a nest shape with your pasta and top with burrata. Lastly, I drizzled more GO-On Tap basil oo over the burrata and pasta. Finito! Delizioso! Finished and delicious. Remember, because Grapes and Olives On-Tap bring us such rich, pure tasting olive oils (and balsamic), you can use it simply and perfectly as a drizzle/finishing touch to your dishes . Mix and match your oils in one dish too, if you like. I could have used garlic mushroom oo, lemon oo, or roasted chili along with the basil, but I stuck with a really pure basil ‘punch’ throughout the whole dish. What more could you ask for? Pasta – creamy, soft, lush, rich, cheesy, herby goodness is all your palate needs tonight (and a salad alongside…). So, treat your taste buds and Mangiare Bene! (Eat Well).”