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Lemon Pound Cake With Blueberry Balsamic

“What do you call it when a bunch of blueberries play jazz music?” – A jam session!
"Well, when blueberry and lemon get together, I call it a symphony. This is a nice treat to make, keep some in the freezer for the Summer days you want a treat and not turn the oven on to bake. I made a lemon pound cake baked in a loaf pan. Easy. Then, out of the oven and cooled a few minutes, and I poked holes in the cake with toothpicks. I drizzled GO-On Tap blueberry balsamic vinegar into this and let cool. Once cooled I made a glaze of powdered sugar, GO-On Tap lemon white balsamic, juice of ½ lemon and zest of a whole lemon. Spoon this over the top of the cake and voila –slice and pour the coffee. You can mix your favorite GO products together – lemon is always good with raspberry, blueberry, pecan, peach, cran-orange or the Bordeaux cherry balsamic. You could drizzle in basil or rosemary oo from GO instead of a balsamic, or add GO oo’s to the batter instead of butter (or combine butter and oo ratios) and make a blood orange oo/basil oo loaf. You can add in chopped basil too. Or, make lemon with rosemary oo. Make a chocolate pound cake and again…..mix and match your favorite GO-On Tap olive oils and balsamics for a taste that’s all your own. There’s joy in the journey. Eat well.”