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Pizza – Pumped Up

GO fans, let’s admit it….sometimes we eat frozen pizza. I grew up in a part of the country that is well known for a certain style of pizza. However, where I live now, I can’t get my favorite and sometimes, life needs an easy button. So, I’m not above keeping a frozen pizza or two in my freezer. That said, it always needs ‘tweaking’ to taste good to me. GO-On Tap is a great way to pump up that ‘boost needing’ Friday night favorite ‘, cheese-laden treat. I like to add more cheese, basil, pepperoni, onions, edamame, red pepper or olives to my pizza. No matter what I add, a drizzle of garlic mushroom, basil, roasted chili, or even lemon EVOO is a must. (Seriously). If you are the person that likes meat and pineapple on your pizza, consider GO-On Tap coconut white balsamic, lemon white balsamic, garlic, jalapeno or 25 star balsamic. Don’t forget to brush the crust edges before (or after) baking. So, if you think frozen pizza belongs in a frozen tundra far far away, give it a chance by pulling out your favorite GO products to make it your way. Friday is quickly approaching, so get ready to make this and sit, eat, enjoy.”