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Cheese Sandwich

“Dear GO Friends, I love cheese. If you haven’t noticed that yet, I do. I love cheese. One set of my grandparents lived in Wisconsin and my daddy ALWAYS knew, somehow, from which driveway with a red,wood-worn barn and hard-working farmhouse he could pull into and get FRESH cheese. I promise, there are certain cheeses I will never have again. Aside from mac n cheese, for me, there is nothing like a warm, gooey, crunchy, grilled cheese sammy. Here, what is better than this gorgeous ½ grilled cheese, gooey sammy?- A WHOLE ONE. Here’s the beauty and magic GO Friends…..your options are endless. Today, I made sourdough bread, shmeared mayo and pesto on one slice, spread GO-On Tap roasted chili oil on the other and put Havarti in the middle. Then I drizzled Spanish limited oo into the pan and toasted until gooey and wonderful. GO on Tap enhances our meals in so many ways.. This is just one favorite way of mine. GO. Eat. Smile.”
Cheese sandwich