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Whoooo-eeeeee Smoothie

"GO fans, there’s never a wrong time to drink a smoothie. Morning, of course, lunch, why not? Mid-afternoon mood ‘pick up’, sure. Bedtime treat, absolutely. And, you know there are as many options to make a smoothie as there are grains of sand on a beach. One option my son likes to make uses a vanilla protein powder, white chia seeds, frozen cherries, GO-On Tap Mango (Limited Edition) white balsamic and a few ice cubes. Blend this and enjoy.
Think of all the yummy options with GO-On Tap products: chocolate soy milk, avocado, raspberry or cran orange balsamic.
Vanilla ice cream, flax seeds, pineapple and lemon white balsamic. The blueberry balsamic with vanilla protein powder, and frozen berries to match.
Again, so many choices and options you’ll never be bored. Because with GO-On Tap, it’s always nice to Sit. Eat. Enjoy."
Mango Balsamic Smoothie