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Get in Your Garden – Primavera

What’s in your garden? Do you have tomato plants in pots on your deck? Herbs? Make a weekly visit to your farmer’s market? Then take the fresh veggie bounty and make a primavera. I used peas, yellow and red peppers, and some cherry tomatoes for mine and sautee’d this in GO-On Tap Meyer lemon oo and the basil oo. The white truffle, or rosemary would be great options too. If you like heat, add a few drops of the roasted chili oo. I added garlic and red pepper flakes to the veggies too. Once my tortellini were out of the pot, I used butter, a little half and half and more GO-On Tap basil oo and made a light sauce. I plated this with freshly grated grana padano and fresh basil. Yum. Now, go reap the bounty of your garden or visit a local farmer’s market. Treat your tastebuds.”