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Mango Tango Barbecue Sauce

"I know the calendar indicates October, and a late date at that, however, there is never a wrong month or date for barbecue sauce. This is what this is about… tango barbecue sauce.
You can do this your way – buy your favorite brand and ‘play with it’ until it is what you like, or, make your own. Today, I made my own. It’s just a basic recipe, but I like to add a little pineapple juice, some sriracha (or other form of warm heat- like GO On Tap roasted chili oil) to the base for excitement and depth. I also like the dichotomy of flavor profiles, like salty/sweet, warm and refreshing or, like this concoction, sweet heat! Once my sauce was almost finished, I added a good pour of the NEW, LIMITED EDITION GO-On Tap Mango white balsamic to the tangy heat and WOW – perfection. This sauce is just right. The warm heat is lightly lifted with the best tropical, bright, sweetness (but not saccharine-like) of the balsamic. Think you don’t like mango? Think again. This is the glaze your meatloaf, meatballs, ribs, even salmon, needs. Ham, bacon (glaze, then put back in the oven for a few minutes), and pork chops will dance on your tastebuds for a happy dinner. Glazed sweet potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and even late corn on the cob, if you can still find it tastefully fresh, will benefit from this magic surprise too.
Now, hurry and order a few bottles of this new Mango balsamic! It’s amazing! Sit. Eat. Enjoy.”