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G&O Lime And Pecan Brussels Sprouts

"What? Did I hear you say you don’t care for them? Did you say yuck? Did you grow up with over roasted/boiled, under seasoned little balls of bitter mush like I did? Well, it’s time to get over that. Let’s forget what was and get to the ‘how to make them delicious’ part. So many ways, so many options will turn these potentially sad green globes into crispy, savory, eat a second helping please, gems. This is one idea, and it is a winner! With GO-On Tap Persian lime oo and their roasted chili oo, these are not just yummy, they are kicked up, crunchy, crispy, tangy balls of fire. (Well, only if you really hit these with spice – which is certainly your prerogative). After I prepped my sprouts and quartered them, I poured GO-On Tap Persian lime oo over them with a hit of salt and freshly ground black pepper. I preheated my oven, preheated my foil-lined cookie sheet in the oven for 10 minutes, then poured on my sprouts to roast. When roasted to my preference, I removed from the oven, sprinkled with fresh lime juice, zest of lime and a spritz of GO-On Tap roasted chili oil. (I keep a food grade spray/spritz bottle with GO oils in them). I then added in chopped sweet heat coated pecans. Done. I could hardly get these to the table to eat. I kept picking at them off the pan! See, you DO like Brussels sprouts. You just need to find what works for you. Roast with GO garlic mushroom oo and crisped bacon and shallots. Roast in GO meyer lemon oo and dill, toss in dried cranberries and crumbled blue cheese when these come out of the oven. Smile. It’s delicious. Honor your appetite. Play with your food.”