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Mozzarella Salad

"This could not be easier or more flexible of a twist on salad. While we know and love mozzarella with tomato and GO-On Tap basil oo, there are endless options with cheese and GO products. What’s in your fridge? What GO-On Tap olive oils and balsamics do you have and love? What combos do you like to use? Well, here’s a new take for your favorites. I cubed fresh mozzerella cheese, sliced some seedless cucumbers, smashed some Castelvetrano olives and mixed with GO-On Tap meyer lemon oo, lemon white balsamic and zest of a lemon. I cracked some pink peppercorn over top and this is done! Seriously easy. Seriously fresh. My avocados aren’t quite ripe now, so I’ll add that the next time I make this. You can swap in feta, kalamata olives, Go-On Tap Spanish Limited Edition oo, chopped tomatoes and red onion. Or, add all that to cubed (or the balls) of fresh mozzarella. Toss in fresh herbs, segment an orange, cut in radishes. Mix and match. Honor your appetite. Play with your food.”

Mozarella salad