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Ginger Orange Carrot Bread

"Yes, GO Fans, another easy bread loaf. I happen to really like making these because they are so versatile, quick, freeze well and are perfect to eat any time of day. This recipe I took from 100 Morning Treats by Sarah Kieffer for Ginger Orange Carrot Bread. It is attached in the 2nd photo below. I did make some substitutions, like I used GO-On Tap Blood Orange olive oil instead of canola. I used 2 Tbsp fresh ginger, I used Grand Marnier instead of triple sec and I made a glaze with powdered sugar, more fresh ginger, and orange juice. When this had baked about 40 minutes, I topped with turbinado sugar. For the glaze, wait until loaf is out of oven and cooled a bit before poking a few holes into the loaf and drizzling over. This is fresh, bright, zingy from the ginger and delicious warm or cold. If you can find sweet carrots from your local farmer’s market, get them and make this. You could lightly dip this in an egg mixture and put on a griddle, serving with a mix of maple syrup and GO-On Tap cran orange balsamic, make compound butter with cinnamon and smear over or take thin slices with lean deli turkey, swiss cheese and orange marmalade and put on griddle for a crunchy sammy. No matter what you decide, make this. Then, sit, eat, enjoy.”