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Grilled Flatbread

"Personally, I like easy eating. I prefer relatively easy-to-prepare food and let the oven, stove or grill do most of the work. Now, that doesn’t mean food to cheat, heat and eat, but foods that aren’t real fussy. Last night the weather was beautiful and called for some outside R & R. I had a pre-made flatbread, which was my inspiration for deck dining. I mixed some mascarpone cheese, red pepper flake, black pepper, dried basil, garlic, and GO-On Tap white lemon balsamic and spread that over the flatbread. I then topped with more parm cheese, fresh basil and GO-On Tap garlic balsamic. Then put that on the grill. While I waited, I made a quick frisee’ salad, poured a glass of chilled prosecco, and set the patio table. With bubbly cheese and a slightly crisp flatbread, I pulled off the grill. This was delicious. Delicious! With a crispy bottom, creamy mascarpone, tangy balsamics and gooey cheese, a chilled salad and prosecco, my ideal light meal while watching the setting sun was complete. Toppings are endless. GO-On Tap olive oils and balsamics are many. Make dining easy tonight. What will you put on your flatbread? Sit. Eat. Smile.“