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Cream Cheese Pastry

It is a quiet Saturday morning and I’m in the mood to make something a little special for my kids and me. Trisha Yearwood has a recipe on Food Network site for an Easy Cheese Danish (click here for recipe: Easy Cheese Danish). I used this as my guide.
While I substituted GO on Tap white coconut balsamic for the lemon juice, I did keep the vanilla in the recipe. I used store bought puff pastry too. Instead of an egg wash, I brushed GO On Tap Blood Orange oo over, before baking.
This is so easy and so tasty. With a cup of coffee and glasses of juice, kids and I are enjoying a special mid-morning treat. Here’s what I decided about this recipe for hints and tips, 1) Cut the puff pastry into 12-16 squares, not 8. There is plenty of filling, so go ahead, make more and from a size perspective, smaller is just fine. 2) Put danishes on two baking sheets and bake one at a time, not both together. This was not clear in the recipe.
Now, go ahead and treat yourself, then Sit. Eat. Enjoy.”