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GO with Your Favorites For Asparagus

“As spring continues to yawn and stretch itself awake from winter’s frosty slumber, start looking for your local farmer’s markets to open and bring you fresh produce and goods. This is where you find all sorts of treasures in small businesses, like Grapes and Olives on Tap! You can probably find many new favorite items, just like you did when you found GO.
This asparagus was not purchased at my local market, but this Saturday, I’ll find something delicious for sure. What we need to do is use what is local and pair that with favorite GO products. With such beautiful, pure, honest taste profiles, you can’t go wrong with whatever you prefer. Asparagus is such a versatile ‘base’ for the White Italian Truffle oo, basil, Meyer Lemon, or Blood Orange, and top with white lemon balsamic, cran orange, or vanilla fig. Then, you can layer again with chopped pistachios or almonds, blue cheese or feta crumbles, zest from lemon, oranges, lime or all three. Make a hollandaise sauce with a GO olive oil for creamy, luscious results. Make magic breadcrumbs (that you’ve seen and heard about in other posts of mine) with your favorite GO-On Tap olive oil. The options are endless – look around, shop local markets, and continue to treat your tastebuds.”