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Summer Parfait

"It's too hot to make dinner, so just make dessert. My mom would have never done this when I was young, but I find it to be fun and silly and one of the 'why not' moments in life that we all need to enjoy. I've been known to serve ice cream for dinner and then eat scrambled eggs. The fun is dessert first. So because it's too hot, I'm not very hungry and I want my appetite to enjoy this treat, please, eat parfait. I crumbled some lemon shortbread cookies into a wine goblet and topped with fresh, deep red, juicy cherries. I scooped some freshly made whipped cream on that and drizzled with GO-On Tap Bordeaux cherry balsamic and started the layering again. I topped this light dessert with fresh basil leaves. You could cube pound cake. You could use grilled pineapple, top with whipped cream and GO-On Tap coconut white balsamic. You could use grilled peaches and fresh cherries, whipped cream and GO-On Tap basil oo and GO-On Tap pecan balsamic. Cheers to the hot Summer season. Come again tomorrow, I want ice cream. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."