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B.B and A.B. (before braces/after braces)

"I wish I had a perfect quote for braces on teeth, but I think just saying two words, teenager and braces, pretty much says it all. If you've had braces or had to feed someone who has, here's how GO-On Tap will help. First, the night before braces, eat popcorn. Lots of popcorn. Use GO-On Tap oo (I like the lemon, basil combo with parm cheese) for delicious crunchy popcorn. The night of getting braces, there is so much more to eat than ice cream, mashed potatoes and mac n cheese (although you can add GO to those meals as well). I made a creamy lemon risotto that was a huge hit. Soften garlic and shallots in GO-On Tap meyer lemon oo (or your favorite), make your risotto with chicken stock and white wine, add mascarpone cheese, freshly shaved parm cheese, another hit of GO oo, salt, pepper and serve. I added peas to mine, more fresh parm on top, a sprinkle of oregano and a squeeze of fresh lemon. This just might be the new ' my teeth hurt' go-to food at my house. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."