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Sunshine Slushie

"Summer is like a fresh glass of lemonade. You want to drink it fast, but you want it to last forever." - Unknown

"August? Already? As we think about kids getting back to school, vacations winding down, sweaty hot days and nights, the easy gait of Summer days drifting away...let me give your tastebuds and spirit one last punch of ahhhhhhh. This lemonade slushie has a secret and it's one of GO-On Tap's newest balsamic vinegars. Believe me, this is a GO gift. I made lemonade ice cubes and blended them with a pitcher of lemonade. When the consistency was right, I poured into a pretty glass and topped with GO-On Tap Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic and a fresh sprig of rosemary as a stir stick. WOW! This is sweet, tart, herby perfection. It's going to be cherry happiness no matter the season. If you are so inclined, this slushie would be delicious blended with gin or vodka. You can chop rosemary and add that to the blender too. If you are one who drinks dark colored soda, with GO you can tone down the sweet and make your own cherry cola. My deck, chaise lounge, good music, book and a warm Summer breeze are beckoning me outside one more time to bask in the sun's fiery rays. Good thing I have lemonade and GO to take with me. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."