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Cannellini's, not Cowboys

"Beans, beans, natures 'fruit', the more you eat the more get the idea. Seems like there was a baked bean rage 20 years ago that was called Cowboy beans. The hot beans had several kinds of beans, loads of brown sugar, bacon and barbecue sauce mixed together. It wasn't a spring holiday, grilled meal or picnic without this on the side. In this healthier day and age, here's my take on what a bean side dish should look like. Cannellini beans very well rinsed, roasted garlic mashed and added to salad, GO-On Tap Garlic-Mushroom oo and a splash of GO-On Tap Meyer Lemon oo, shaved parm cheese, pink peppercorn and a big spoon. I prefer this chilled, but you could eat it warm as well. I think this would make a delicious recipe for a white bean dip. Just increase the amount of GO oo and blend in a food processor to your desired consistency. Simple, easy, healthy, tasty. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."