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Spring Green and Olives

"Chapter 9: I am quite certain there is an inherent rule that we are born knowing: if you eat olives, eat them off the tips of your fingers. Growing up, if there was a bowl of olives on the table, there were olives on my fingers. Well, as an adult, that isn't such a 'good look' and it's better to keep olives on your plate or in your food. I am always taken with Mother Earth and her ability to awaken the world in Spring with fresh green hues and a newness that we need after Winter's hibernation. So my Spring green, besides the view out my windows, is a simple, bright pasta dish with green olives. I use whole wheat angel hair noodles and while they drain, pour GO-On Tap basil oo into the warm pasta pot, add a dash Himalayan salt, pink peppercorn, garlic, basil (fresh when you can get it), and some pistachios. Let that just warm and add back your pasta to mix. When plating, twist your pasta into a nest shape, add your creamy, buttery, chopped Castelvatrano olives, some zest of lemon, fresh parm and the magic panko crumbs I've talked about. If you like a briney taste, use Manzanilla olives or add capers or smashed anchovy. Put on a light jacket, spread a blanket on your deck, pour a chilled glass of wine and take your pasta out to sit with Mother Nature for a bit. Look at her in all her surprising, new, fresh, green glory - and just for the sake of youth....put an olive on your finger. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."