Cherry Balsamic Jubilee

Jennifer Mac

"Great things are done by a series of small things put together." - Van Gogh

"Ice cream, cherries, GO balsamic and chocolate shavings. Small things make great things. GO fans, you have got to get your hands on this new GO offering of Bordeaux Cherry balsamic! This delightful dessert is just one tasty reason why. I made a simple sauce of butter, a little sugar, a good pour of both GO Bordeaux cherry and cran-orange balsamic and a cornstarch/water mix. I heated this on the stove until thickened then added dark cherries and let cool a bit. I simply poured this over my ice cream and topped with dark chocolate bar shavings. Perfect. It is sweet and tart and refreshing. I bet if you omitted the butter and sugar and just reduced the balsamic, cherries and cornstarch/water mix and add some chopped rosemary, this would be a great glaze over pork. Or, omit the cherries and make a beautiful balsamic reduction glaze. You could add zest from an orange and fresh orange juice for a brighter take on the cherry balsamic. I wonder what this would do on top of brownie batter before baking? I hope this makes you hungry and curious. Discover what you can do with this new GO balsamic. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."

Cherry Balsamic Jubilee

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