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Chimichurri, Not Chim-Chiminey.....

"There's the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it but the birds, the stars and the chimney sweeps". - Mary Poppins

"Mary, make this for your favorite chimney sweep, Bert, and he may change his tune to chim-churri-churri. This Argentinian sauce is delicious. There are few words....just MMMMMMM.
In fact, Grapes & Olives On Tap owner, Alejandro Lopez, who is from Argentina, would never consider preparing meat dishes without chimichurri! While the ingredients I use are very slightly different from Alejandro's familiar, I love mine and am sharing my style.
This is AMAZING on pasta, eggs, crostini, grilled beef, pork, chicken or salmon. I think I'm going to use it next to top a toasted English muffin with grilled bean burger, soft havarti cheese and poached egg. Southwest Benedict!
Take 1 1/2 C. cilantro (Alejandro does not), 1C. flat leaf parsley (all Alejandro uses for herb), 6 peeled and pressed (raw) garlic cloves, a good dash of red pepper flakes and process in a blender or food processor, about 10 pulses. I put 2 tsp. dried oregano into 1/4 C. hot water with 1 tsp salt and let sit about 15 minutes to soften oregano. Add that to the greens/garlic mix and pulse again. Now add GO-On Tap (about 1/2 cup) Spanish oo. Blend until mix is just wet. This is not a drizzly, dressing type consistency. It is green herbs, garlic, red pepper flakes and oo.
You could use GO-On Tap meyer lemon, basil, rosemary or garlic-mushroom oo, but I love the Spanish and use that. Also, Alejandro adds white vinegar. I don't. Serve this room temperature over whatever you desire....or just eat with a spoon. Me? Guilty. As always, Pour. Savor. Enjoy!"