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Move Over Pie, These Tarts Are In Town

"While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary." -Matt Bevin (Gov. of Kentucky)

"While these little tarts are not extraordinary, the quote is a great thought. That said, it does not mean that these little tarts don't pack a tangy, sweet tasty punch. Small but mighty, it's been said. While I will eat a bite of custard apple or bourbon pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, that's all I want. A bite. I'm also not one to adhere to any food tradition for any holiday, so these tarts are perfect for me. They are great for kids to make and a delightful deviance from heavy holiday flavors. I found some pre-made phyllo cups, graham cracker flavor, and filled them with chocolate pudding blended with GO-On Tap raspberry balsamic. Top with a fresh raspberry and voila! Done! I've also made these with chocolate pudding and GO cran-orange balsamic. You can use GO white coconut balsamic, top with a sugared almond and toasted coconut. Use GO pomegranate balsamic and top with a fresh blueberry. Your creative options are endless. My next edition of tarts is going to be cheesecake flavored pudding with GO vanilla-fig balsamic and top with fresh lemon zest. Be thankful for delicious GO olive oils and balsamics. Be thankful for what you have, even small things. As always, make this your own.
Pour. Savor. Enjoy."