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Spring on a Plate

"Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party'". - Robin Williams

"Isn't this a pretty springy-colored plate of food? I love these colors and the fresh feeling I get by just looking at it. The flavors are as surprising as finding a bloomed crocus in February, and just as delightful. I'll keep this simple, because it just is. I roasted radishes (just the normal kind) drizzled with GO-On Tap meyer lemon oo. While radishes were in the oven, I cut and cubed an avocado, toasted some white sesame seeds and snipped fresh chives. I put the toasted sesame seeds and some Himalayan salt in a grinder (a mortar and pestle is fine too) and made a fine seasoning dust. When radishes were cooled, I mixed with the avocado, drizzled more GO meyer lemon oo over, topped with chives and the sesame/salt blend. That's it. Delicious. The roasted radishes take on a texture like a roasted potato, in case you wonder. And, the sometimes harsh, peppery taste is diminished. This is a real Spring treat. Serve along a gazpacho and crostini, your favorite grilled protein or even your eggs and bacon. Happy Spring. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."