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Sweet Surprises

" Sometimes it ends up different and it is better that way " - Unknown

" I know this simple sweet treat looks like a plain chocolate coated strawberry, but there is an inside surprise. I love when an expectation is actually different than I thought and the result is better. This dessert idea, or special occasion breakfast with eggs benedict treat, is sure to surprise and delight. Poke holes, with a toothpick, into fresh strawberries and then infuse them by resting in a bowl of GO-On Tap coconut balsamic vinegar. You can also use GO-On Tap cran orange, pecan, chocolate or peach balsamic. I put the strawberries in the fridge for a while and then dried them before dipping into melted chocolate and adding a sprinkle of coarse sanding sugar. It's that simple. Serve with freshly whipped cream if you like. As always, make this your own. Pour.Savor.Enjoy."