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Surprise Me!

"Show me something beautiful. Say something meaningful. Be compassionate. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be elegant in a world forgetting how. Go on....surprise me.
I love good surprises. This idea probably won't be any type of surprise....but I'm offering it to you anyway. Here are the simple basics - potato chips, cheese, freshly ground black pepper and GO-On Tap oo. So, no real surprise that this will be delish right? Well, here goes..make this and just enjoy, because you deserve to. Get your favorite type of plain kettle cooked potato chips. Preheat your oven to 425. Spread chips in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet, spray or drizzle your favorite GO-On Tap oo over ( I made 2 batches and used garlic mushroom on one and rosemary oo on the other) and sprinkle freshly grated pecorino cheese over. Bake for 3-4 minutes - seriously watch these, as they will turn brown and could burn more quickly than you think (trust me, I know) and pull from oven. Just out of the oven, sprinkle on more pecorino cheese and freshly ground black pepper. If you can stand to let these cool, put them in a bowl and enjoy. I love these warm, just out of the oven. This is an easy twist on game day chips, a fun pre-dinner party idea....a movie night twist to popcorn (or heck, use this on popcorn instead of chips). Use your imagination - purchase sweet potato chips, drizzle GO-On Tap blood orange oo, cinnamon and grated gouda cheese, GO-On Tap rosemary oo, lemon zest and parm cheese on sweet potato get the idea. With GO-On Tap, cheese, potatoes...any treat can say "Surprise"!!
Pour. Savor. Enjoy."

Surprise me