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Games and Grub

"The stories we know, the stories we tell are who we are and perhaps, who we strive to be. Stories have intention and value. Our food tells stories too, they are important and ingrained. What do yours say? Growing up, my mom and I played a lot of games together. Cards, board games, 'hide the thimble' (hot/cold) and more would litter the dining room table at some point on most week-ends. We always drank tea and always had a snack. Our special appetizers would make game-time feel like an event. My children and I love to play games too and we always have a special event snack. This week, I blended ricotta with roasted red peppers, a splash of champagne vinegar, Go-On Tap meyer lemon oo, a dash oregano and fresh lemon zest. I spread this on a toasted, lemon oo brushed crostini, topping it all with chopped avocado and a sprinkle of black lava salt (you can use black sesame seed too). Use any other GO-On Tap oo and it will still be delicious. Food time, game time, together time = fun time. Clue anyone? Until the next chapter, continue to Pour. Savor. Enjoy.”