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Hasselback Sweet Potatoes With Herbs

“Chapter 5: Sweet and Special Potato. Do you think special? Boring? Unlimited possibilities? When I was growing up, if there were mashed potatoes on the table....the perfectly riced and mixed, butter, whole milk, creamy, smooth, perfect potatoes, it must be Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner at my gram's house. Mashed potatoes were special. The ricer only came out a few days a year, transforming a plain spud into a delicious potato mountain with gravy lake. In my house, it's a special day when I make a hasselback potato. Since I am a sweet potato fan, I like to use this spud. Before baking, I melt butter, add GO-On Tap olive oil (I've used rosemary, blood orange, garlic mushroom and the roasted chili depending on what other herbs/spices I might add), a pinch salt and pepper and pour some (not all) over/into the potato nooks (after you've cut the potato into the thin but not all the way through, slices). I reserve some for 'finishing' after baking. These, I made with GO rosemary oo, butter and herbs de Provence. You can add grated cheese if you wish. GO blood orange oo, a little cinnamon, a little sugar and a little marshmallow tucked in between slices just after baking, but while still warm, would be a great twist on the old sweet potato casserole recipe. Now, this is sweet, this is special. As always, make this your own. Pour. Savor. Enjoy.”