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Onion Jam

"It is hard to imagine a civilization without onions". - Julia Child  

"Julia is right. The world needs onions. I've caramelized plenty but never made a sweeter, easy, 'jammy' type onion and now, I adore this new twist. I sliced red onion and set aside. Heat GO-On Tap Signature limited edition Spanish evoo and unsalted butter to melt. Add the sliced onions and cook down/soften 5-8 minutes on med-high heat. Then add brown sugar, a pinch of salt, turn the heat down and simmer onions another 10 minutes or so (until really soft). Then I add GO-on Tap pomegranate balsamic (or fig, peach, raspberry, aged 25 year or cran-orange), scraping the bottom of the pan to get any bits up, if there are any. Simmer another minute or two until the mixture thickens and season to taste with cracked black pepper. Let this cool. I put this sweet, tangy onion jam on a sourdough, topped with gruyere cheese and made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. This jam can be used to top bruschetta, spread with ricotta and fresh parm shavings. I also like this jam alongside my over easy or scrambled eggs. With onions and GO-On Tap olive oils and balsamics, you can't go wrong. Pour. Savor. Enjoy."